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Thanks that 0.5 really worked. This is getting easier.

I need to know though and it wasn't clear from the docs (maybe just my fault). According to the txt file, I place a tile to all positions 0-8. But there's an empty place at position 8. How does it work?

Just don't place any gadgets on the position 8 tile to make it a blank space.

Hi, 1024 -

As you experiment with level construction, make sure you're not confusing board spaces with tiles.  For instance, a 3x3 puzzle has 9 board spaces (defined at the top of your puzzle file) but only 8 tiles (defined at the bottom of your puzzle file).

When you add or remove tiles, make sure you update your TILECOUNT.  If it seems like tiles are missing, this is probably the cause.  For a 3x3 puzzle with a border, your TILECOUNT will probably be 9 -- 8 sliding tiles, plus the border geometry.

I'm not sure if it will work to have the camera inside of a cube, but you might as well give it a try.  You'll have to play around with the CAMERA and LOOKAT parameters to get that working.

  - Rob
    (Level designer and programmer for Cogs)

Thanks, it worked. I also added the line of blocks. This was a bit of a pain cause the game is very very sensitive on the txt file, I got it to work after about 5 tries. I'll move on gadgets now as I think I understand 2D layouts now.

I think I'll ask for a 3x3 one though.

edit: Also, I saw at finishconditions that animations can be made, I'm not sure if it involves just specific models or tiles. It'd be nice to move around tiles when the level ends, to move around the tiles in a synchronized way, is it possible?

2nd edit: Thanks for the 3x3 border!

Yes, you could create an animation that makes the tiles move when a puzzle is completed.  It may be a little tricky to wrap your head around: what would happen is that the tile origins would actually stay where they are, but the tile geometry could be animated to make it look like the tiles are sliding.

Congrats on mastering board layouts -- they're tricky.  IMHO, gadgets are a little more intuitive to work with and way more fun.

  - Rob
    Founder, Lazy 8 Studios


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