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ExpansionPackExample.txt error


Hi all,
   I will start by saying i love the game.

i thought i would have a look at making mu own levels so i renamed
 ExpansionPackExample.hidden to ExpansionPackExample.txt.
but now when i start cogs i get the following error

Error: Expected header #cogs-levels v1.0 while reading data/ExpansionPackExample.txt.

any help would be appreciated

atb widowmaker

My fault.  When I added version control to the localized files, I forgot to add an identical header to the expansion pack.  Add this before the first line:

#cogs-levels v1.0

And everything should work just fine.

  - Rob

Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the prompt reply. its working fine now.

atb widowmaker

Have fun modding!  I've posted incomplete documentation here:

Hopefully I'll be able to make time to finish that soon.

  - Rob

Merci, il est vraiment sympathique :)

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