Author Topic: Possible memory hole?  (Read 2840 times)


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Possible memory hole?
« on: February 25, 2009, 02:31:22 AM »
The game is using more resources the longer I play.  After 2+ hours in game it gets noticeably choppy.  Restarting the game seems to fix the issue, and I'm not running anything else besides a browser.   I'll try running the profiler on it and update when I have more info.


=================== PROFILER ====================
100.00%   487ms   487ms Entire loop
  0.69%    15ms     0ms   Message processing
  0.42%     9ms     0ms   Tick GUI
 -0.03%    10ms     1ms   Tick audio
  4.69%   469ms   469ms   Load and unload
 34.58%    28ms     6ms   Render
  0.02%     0ms     0ms     Clear buffer
 -0.03%     0ms     0ms     Render background
  0.05%     0ms     0ms     Animate puzzle
  0.42%     9ms     0ms     Puzzle shadows
  5.45%    16ms     0ms     Puzzle draw
  0.02%     9ms     0ms     Animate particles
  0.07%     9ms     0ms     Draw particles
  8.69%    12ms     1ms     UI shadows
 16.80%    14ms     4ms     UI draw
  0.00%     0ms     0ms     End scene
  2.61%    10ms     0ms     Post effects
 59.94%    36ms     9ms     Render:Present scene
 19.48%    14ms     0ms Total draw time
1296288 triangles per second
 59.50 FPS
Average: 16ms, Slowest: 487ms
=================== PROFILER ====================
100.00%    43ms    43ms Entire loop
  0.01%     0ms     0ms   Message processing
  0.21%     9ms     0ms   Tick GUI
 -2.43%    10ms    -8ms   Tick audio
  0.00%     0ms     0ms   Load and unload
 46.33%    28ms    17ms   Render
  0.02%     0ms     0ms     Clear buffer
 -0.12%     0ms     0ms     Render background
  0.08%     9ms     0ms     Animate puzzle
  0.06%     9ms     0ms     Puzzle shadows
  7.25%    15ms     0ms     Puzzle draw
 -0.07%     9ms     0ms     Animate particles
  0.46%     9ms     0ms     Draw particles
 10.97%    16ms    11ms     UI shadows
 23.12%    22ms     4ms     UI draw
  0.00%     0ms     0ms     End scene
  4.58%    15ms     0ms     Post effects
 55.97%    37ms    34ms     Render:Present scene
 25.63%    15ms     0ms Total draw time
1220904 triangles per second
 54.70 FPS
Average: 18ms, Slowest: 43ms

Seems like that first one has part of the problem.  Another night when I'm not so tired I'll run it for 2 more hours or so and see if I can get more data of when it's really bad.
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