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This will (hopefully) get updated as changes go out:

Current known issues: last updated 10-9-2013

* Internet explorer has issues with the game.  The experience should be much improved now.
* Opera has issues with vimeo's security settings and may not play videos.
* Proper mobile / touch support is still in development.  Should be much improved but we have yet to do any formatting for smaller screens.
* Large rock formations may seem to be floating when photographed from a distance.
* If you find a rock that is still floating up close, however, please report it in this thread.
* Sometimes an object or a wave will seem disconnected in panoramas.
* Jane occasionally refers to blog posts that haven't been written yet.
* Some placeholder descriptions still exist in the species catalog.
Planned features / UI updates

* Cancellation of targets (aka "undo")
* Auto checklist for missions that require you to find multiple objects, like 2 of 3 plant species, etc[/list]

Changes for the week of 10-13-2013

* The discoveries page has a brand new layout and should expand to account for text from longer descriptions.
* Bio-luminescence should no longer show through rocks in panoramas.
* Improved code that prevents rovers from "ghosting" into rocks / terrain.
* Many many under-the-hood and background tweaks and changes

Week of 10-20-2013

Unfortunately not much major front-facing stuff has been changed this week, but there is LOTS going on under the hood right now.  Beta is allowing us to see just how well the rendering pipeline acts when dealing with a lot more users, so we're deep into some heavy improvements / refactors on the technical end to better accommodate future users.

We're also monitoring players closely and are constantly making myriad small tweaks to story, item placement, and UI flow in an attempt to make the smoothest experience possible.

If you're further into the game you might notice some placeholder icons got updated in areas like the discoveries catalog.  There will also be a new [CLASSIFIED] you'll be able to find on the island sometime soon.   Also the most incomplete section of the game, the profile tab, is getting a massive overhaul right now but that probably won't be ready to roll out until next week at the earliest.

Fun note: at this time, as far as we know, there is only one user who has played through the entirety of the story and one user who has discovered every species on the island.  Keep exploring friends. :)

Week of 10-27-2013

The most notable change this week: the profile page!  The new layout is now in place.  Note that the change email / change password buttons are temporarily disabled as they're not quite working properly right now.

Some other things you might notice:
- The header bar now reflects your current support level which makes support level visible on all pages.
- Sharing a photo via twitter now shows up as a "card" when you view the post in twitter.
- Degree heading is visible in addition to distance when dragging out a new destination.  The time slider will also default to 1 hour for those with paid accounts.
- Infrared photos are now unavailable for the starting rover, but panoramas are.  We felt that panoramas offer more visual impact and want people to be able to see them from the start, and infrared photos aren't really useful until later in the game.

[SPOILER WARNING - Don't read the following if you are concerned about spoilers]
There is also a new motobiont on the island.  It currently is very rare, perhaps too rare.  I'm curious just how many people manage to see one, feel free to drop me a note if you think you've found it.  It's the only other motobiont that's about the same size (actually a little larger) as the bristletongue.  My hope is that a player will see it at least once if they play through the whole game, but not more than 2-3 times as it's meant to be very elusive.[/spoiler]

Week of 11-3-2013

 - Fullscreen-ing a non-panorama will now fill the window, no more letterboxing (for some browsers, others will be fixed soon).
 - Brian (graphics programmer) has re-computed distance fogging for nicer, more realistic horizons
 - cleaned up a lot of mission and message text where directions may not have been totally clear or there were inconsistencies, many of which were reported by forumers (thanks y'all, keep em coming)
 - re-instated some broken map links, changed some map marker colors for better flow
 - when you're assigned a new rover you now get a dossier-style overview of the rover's key functions, hopefully clearing up some confusion with panorama and IR options
 - one of the missing Jane blog posts is now live (missing some pictures)
- Fixed several issues with IE
- Fixed an issue with tagging species on touch devices for non-panorama images.


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