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Achievements button problem

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The button doesn't do anything.  It sometimes makes a click noise when I press it.  Then after a while a message pops up-  "You are offline.  Feint requires an active network connection"

I do have active Wi-fi at the house (where I am now, and achievements button is not working even though I can do internet searches and stuff with my wi-fi), and data usage on my phone, so I'm not sure why it thinks I'm off-line.

Is there something I need to figure out how to sign in to?

Um...relevant information, my phone is S3 mini GT-i8190T, android version 4.1.2

Not sure what these other numbers mean, but I guess I should type them too:

Baseband version 3.0.31-833942
dpi@DELL137 #2
SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 21 21:12:20
KST 2013

Build Number JZO54K.I8190TDCAMA3

Thank you for your feedback regarding Cogs. Unfortunately, support for OpenFeint, a third-party achievement and leaderboard tool, has been discontinued.  We are currently looking into integrating a replacement achievements service for Cogs in lieu of OpenFeint. We will enable the new functionality in a future update when we resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy Cogs!

Cool.  I'm sure I will continue to enjoy the game, it's a very minor issue really.  :)

I look forward to this leaderboard button being attached to the new standard Android Play Games achievements leaderboard :) I was just checking in to see what progress in this area has been made. This is indeed a very unique and fun game.

Unfortunately, support for OpenFeint, a third-party achievement and leaderboard tool


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