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Graphics messed up on Nexus 7


I have enjoyed Cogs thoroughly. But the graphics are now giving the illusion of folding over onto itself on my Nexus 7.  As if it is thinking I have a smaller screen than it is installed on an it is  displaying it by doubling up the graphics. I have deleted and re-installed it three times now. Any ideas?

Are you running any third party rotation control apps? We recommend that you disable or uninstall any such app before attempting to play this game. If you are not running a rotation control app, please let me know whether you're running a custom ROM or stock Android 4.1+ on your Nexus 7.

I do use 'Rotate' and found that I need to put it in Auto mode for 'Cogs' to work properly. Thank you. I am not wild on the idea of programs that require me to shut other programs down for me to use them. I have no other Apps that give me any compatibility issues. But since 'Cogs' only requires me to change the Rotation to Auto mode it's fine. Thank you again.


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