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Two fingers on iMito MX1 with remote keyboard RC11 - problem


Hi all!
I wanted to play COGS on iMito MX1 Android TV box device (it makes your LCD/plasma TV an Android huge tablet).
However it is operated not by touch - of course - but by wireless keyboard air mouse remote  ontroller with gyroscope - model RC11.
By this device you DO NOT HAVE more than one touch/one finger.

Is there any other option to rotate cogs box then two fingers?
If not, can Lazy 8 introduce small modification for such users, who uses TV Box Android?


We're looking into this.  If we allowed you to hold down the shift key while you click and drag to rotate the puzzle, would that work?  It looks like the RC11 keyboard has both left-click and right-click options, so maybe we can map the right-click to puzzle rotation.

Hey, cyber_human,

In debugging, we've found that if we hook up a regular mouse to an Android device, clicking the right button has identical behavior to simply clicking the "back" button.  Is that also true with the RC11 keyboard, or does the right-click appear to have its own unique behavior?

Dear Lazy 8 People!
First and foremost, thanks for quick reply. And sorry for my late response.
I must say I didn't expect you will react for my problem. I can see you really care about your customers. Chapeau bas.

Well, RC 11 right mouse button, as you noticed, does "go back" function. But if you can map Shift+left mouse button, it will be more than great!


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