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Couldn't find matching GLX visual


There were some threads about this problem already, but I've never actually seen a solution.

So, it's Gentoo amd64 on Acer 4810TG with Intel video. All emul-linux-x86-* libraries are pretty fresh (20121202, which is latest unstable here on Gentoo). I also installed libtxc_dxtn-1.0.1 to get rid of “Your OpenGL drivers lack S3TC support”.
Cogs is 32-bit, from Steam.

The problem is exactly the same as in this thread: if I enable Anti-aliasing, I get

--- Code: ---Couldn't set <whatever resolution> OpenGL video mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
--- End code ---

Another problem, which, I feel, might be related is that the game is running terribly slowly with any video settings. I can't believe builtin Intel video is SO bad. (BTW, for example, World of Goo works aboslutely fine). (UPDATE: ah, I've found a thread about this slowness; that's bad news, I wanna play Cogs =( )


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