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Problem with Cogs GO on windows tablets


I bought Cogs GO a few days ago for my tablet, which is running windows 7. The game runs very well and I can play the 'Gears' puzzle without any problem, but when I try and play 'Dimensions' there is no way to rotate the cube using the touchscreen. I have played Cogs on a friends android phone, where rotation is done using the touchscreen, but it looks like this is missing from the windows version - a keyboard is required, which is obviously an issue for those of us with tablets.

Is there any chance you could add support for windows devices without a keyboard to Cogs GO, I really want to play the game!

Answering my own post as I've found a workaround. Under the 'Flicks' tab in the 'Pen and Touch' control panel app on Windows 7 you can assign shift (toggle) to one of the diagonal flick gestures. This allows you to toggle rotation on/off.

Hopefully that's the only key required in the game!


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