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Hi everyone!

I'm just wondering where the saved games for Cogs is located on my Android phone.
I need to reflash my phone ROM, so I need a backup of the saved games.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks  :)

Hi there,

The location of your saved games should be here: /data/data/com.lazy8studios.cogs/files

You'll need to root your device to access this path.  Let us know if you run into any issues.

- The Apportable Team

My device isn't rooted.
Why aren't the scores backed up by Mybackup Pro?
The apk files should be backed-up if stored properly.
Looks like you store them in the wrong location?


We're not exactly sure how My Backup Pro works, but we are sure that the save files for Cogs are located at /data/data/com.lazy8studios.cogs/files.  You may want to ask My Backup Pro about the issue.

- The Apportable Team

Can you give me the exact filename of the save file that is in that folder?


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