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After the studio logo comes up, I end up at a jumbled mish-mash of the last few image files I've opened.  My cursor changes, so, theoretically, I can click on things, but I can't see what I'm clicking on.

What platform are you on?  Regardless, the best thing to try first is to make sure you have the latest version of the graphics drivers for your hardware.

I'm on a 10.5.8 Mac, and, according to the Mac update manager, everything is currently up to date.

Your Mac may not meet the min specs necessary to play Cogs.  If you have an Intel GMA 950 or earlier graphics card, then you don't have hardware support for the vertex and fragment shaders needed to run Cogs.  If you instead have a newer nVidia or ATI dedicated graphics card, then please send the log file that gets created when Cogs launches to to help me debug the problem.  You should be able to find the file here:

    <your home directory>/Library/Application Support/Cogs/log.txt

My card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, but I'm not sure whether that's older or newer.

Also, the log file is mostly twenty pages of "OpenGL error 0x0506 at end Mesh::draw."

With that in mind, would you still like it?


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