Author Topic: Cogs Patch: Tone-Deaf Players Rejoice  (Read 4500 times)


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Cogs Patch: Tone-Deaf Players Rejoice
« on: April 08, 2009, 03:44:11 PM »
Hey, Cogs testers -

You've been giving great feedback, so we've tried to squeeze as many of your suggestions as possible into the final release candidate, which you'll see next time you launch the game.

  - Accessibility: Tune hints for deaf and tone-deaf players
    (cheat code "TuneHintsOn/TuneHintsOff")
  - Moved the award details to the back side of the level description widget.
    (One less click to play and award data accessible from pause screen)
  - Fixed music skip at startup.
  - Larger streaming audio buffers = less music skipping
  - Accessibility: Colorblind-friendlier balloon and steam colors
  - Higher contrast on highlighted buttons
  - Final sounds and artwork for all levels
  - Upgrade from demo to full version with no extra download.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and encouragement.  On Tuesday, April 14, Cogs will be available worldwide, so tell your friends!

 - Rob Jagnow
   Founder, Lazy 8 Studios


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