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Cogs Patch: March 18
« on: March 18, 2009, 05:30:26 PM »
Hey, Beta Testers -

We've been hard at work making Cogs shinier than ever.  Some time today, your version of Cogs should update itself with the latest patch.

 - Cool new success screen
 - New menu music
 - New time challenge music
 - Tons of new sounds
 - Shinier materials
 - Final artwork for ~96% of puzzles
 - New models
 - Game icon
 - New "mystats" cheat code
 - Lock challenge mode on first launch
 - Other misc. bug fixes

Curious how much total time you've spent playing Cogs?  Try out the new "mystats" cheat code.

As always, keep the comments rolling here and via email.

 - Rob Jagnow
   Founder, Lazy 8 Studios


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