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My first levels


At first this topic was to show my first levels. I've recently played this game again and I've decided to improve the levels I did. I deleted a few and repeated some with variations, to make them easier or harder, and I've also added two new.

Unzip in the data folder. To play them, modular models must be in data/models/modular.

Nice job, I'm glad to see my editor get some use.  I was thinking I had spent all that effort on nothing!

Your first level is great, but your second is a little annoying because of how many moves you have to make when you want to rotate everything around the center, and how crowded it is.  It's really good for a start though.  I look forward to more :D

If you have any questions about the editor, feel free to ask.

where are the files to download ?

Hmmm... good question.  I was overwhelmed with spammers on this forum and they somehow managed to regularly hack their way in through a security hole and disable new accounts.  Part of the fix was to disable file sharing through the forum.  I'll try to dig up all of the mods that were posted here and rehost them elsewhere.  In the meantime, here's our own sample expansion pack.

Founder, Lazy 8 Studios

I've updated my mods as well.

Here are the levels from this topic.  I'll take them down if the author asks.


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