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« on: March 05, 2009, 05:01:57 PM »
We are aware that achievements aren't yet viewable in steam (working on that) but here is the list from the most recent patch so you can at least know what it means when you see a notification:

 1.  Apprentice: Complete 10 levels in inventor mode
 2.  Chronometrist: Complete 10 time challenges
 3.  Precisionist: Complete 10 move challenges

 4.  Cogsmith: complete every level
 5.  Chronomancer: Complete all 50 time challenges
 6.  Master Precisionist: Complete all 50 move challenges

 7.  Aptitude: Earn your first triple-gold award
 8.  Aurifex: 10 triple-gold awards
 9.  Tinkerer: 100 stars
 10. Widgeteer: 200 star
 11. Gadgeteer: 400 stars
 12. Sprocketeer: 800 stars

 13. Keymaster: unlock every level
 14. Composer: bronze or higher on all music levels
 15. Maestro: triple-gold on all music levels
 16. Pilot: bronze or higher on all flying levels
 17. Aeronaut: triple-gold on all flying levels
 18. Full speed ahead: finish a level in inventor mode in less than 10 seconds

If anyone has ideas for further achievements or cool names or icons, feel free to post them.


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