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Cogs Patch: March 4, 2009
« on: March 04, 2009, 05:24:59 PM »
Hey, Beta Testers -

Your feedback has been terrific!  Your input has driven a number of changes that will help make Cogs great.  I just submitted some changes to Steam, which means that if your Steam client is running, your version of the game should get patched automatically as soon as the new files become active.

  - Tons of new sounds
  - Improved support for older graphics cards
  - Timing fixes for multi-core systems
  - Minimize on alt+tab
  - Improved memory management
  - Fixed duplicate achievement notification bug
  - Fixed pipes that were missing steam emitters
  - Open levels with double-click
  - Hold shift key on launch for verbose debug data
  - New art for disk levels and various smaller art improvements here and there

If the game has been running smoothly for you, hopefully it will continue to do so.  For the few of you who are getting a crash on startup or a message saying that your hardware doesn't support the game (even when you think it should), try holding down the shift key as you launch the game.  This will force the game to start in verbose mode.  If you can send me the output that you see on the console window, it will help me to track down any problems.  This is documented with other hints in the Guide for Cogs Beta Testers at

Keep the feedback coming, both by email and right here on the Discussion Forum.

  - Rob Jagnow
    Founder, Lazy 8 Studios
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