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First impressions
« on: February 27, 2009, 12:33:22 AM »
Howdy y'allz!

I've had the beta for a couple days now, so I thought I'd report my findings.

I was initially a little worried I wouldn't be able to play the game, as the bulk of my computer is about 8 years old (P3 1ghz). It can't even handle YouTube vids without stuttering horribly, but I'm happy to report, Cogs ran like a champ. Aside from a few rare bumps, it seemed to maintain a solid 30+fps, even running full screen @ 1080 with all the settings set to 'Prettier'. (the menus got a little stuttery @ 1280, but the gameplay itself stayed smooth)

The only nitpick I have is that the first time I played, there was nothing to explain the difference between "Inventor Mode" and "Challenge Mode". Selecting Challenge reveals the sub-menu with descriptions of the two challenge types, but Inventor mode drops you right into the game. It's not really clear if you need to be mindful of the timer or moves, or if you can solve at your leisure. (Like I said, it's a nitpick. Just something I noticed)

Possibly instead of the two game type options on the front menu, you can just have one labled 'Play', and have that flip over to the sub menu with all three types and respective descriptions.

That's about it so far. If anything else, I'd say maybe go for some fancy shaders or up the poly and particle counts. If my haggard old dino of a computer can handle it maxed out, you definitely have some wiggle room ;)

Great work guys!


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