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team-up level development?


After releasing my editor, I was expecting a bit of an increase in the mods coming.  That did not happen.  I am thus trying to determine what to do now.  One idea that I had was that I'd design the solution and then somebody else could scramble it, since the scrambling and testing was taking up half the time for me.  If anyone wants to try it, I'll gladly pump out a series of levels to be scrambled.

You're right.  With an editor out there, it's high time that I do something to get more modders involved.  How about a competition for the best puzzle?  I'm willing to give $100 of my own money to the winner, plus a Lazy 8 Studios T-shirt and five free copies of Cogs to gift to friends.  Or maybe a better prize would be an iPod Touch so that the winner can play Cogs on the go. (And of course, notgreat, you're also eligible.)

First, we should copy the editor documentation to the wiki ( so it's easier to find.  And with your permission, I'll host the editor on the Lazy 8 Studios website for download.  Once that's all set, I'll publicize a competition on Twitter, Facebook, the studio blog and ModDB.

Sound like a plan?

A competition sounds great to me.  Feel free to do anything you want with the editor, I think I'll release the source code (well, game maker file) in case anybody wants to improve it.  I really need to comment it a bit more though.... don't count on it.

edit: By the way, I just timed myself again and made another unscrambled level in under 5 minutes.


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