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The story continues?

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almost 10 days after completing the story line, I suddenly get an unauthenticated call with an interesting sound snippet. Does anyone know if there is more to come?

We wrote 3 seasons of content for Extrasolar and even started building the next island, but unfortunately, the project ended up being a financial failure (I've only earned back 6% of what it cost to make) and it's been tough finding new players. I ran a Kickstarter to try to fund season 2, but we didn't even get 30% of the way to our goal.

We're still working on iOS and Android apps for Extrasolar season 1, but unless something surprising happens, it's unlikely that seasons 2 and 3 will become a reality.

Thanks Rob for your reply. I had already gathered that from the blog and different forum posts.

That is why is was actually so surprised to get a signal like that after I thought I had played through all story elements.

I'm looking forward to the app version of the game and hopefully Season 2 and 3 can be made in the future

I'm also looking for these stories as well.


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