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Nvidia Shield Tablet issues


Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has this issue. I think this is a great game but I can only get through a few levels on the Nvidia Shield tablet. Once I reach the levels that require the "two-finger to spin the object" , the object doesn't spin. I tired it on my Shield tablet LTE 32GB and my sons wifi 16GB shield tablet. Both have the same issue. So it is not the tablets. Here is the part that is really weird,...the Cogs Free Demo works flawlessly on both our Shield tablets, but the paid version does not work on either when it comes to spinning the object (two finger). which again tells me its the app, not the tablets. Anyone else having this issue? Whats the fix?

We just posted an update to Google Play today (December 25) that should fix this issue on the Lollypop version of Android. Have you updated to the latest version? This fix is still pending on the Amazon store.


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