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error or wanted? (SPOILER)

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i noticed that the exoleaks page has a small flaw:
[spoiler]The images directory can be opened directly by clicking here.[/spoiler]
this might be wanted behaviour, but maybe it is a bug which would lead to confusion. as i did not finish the story yet, i did not[spoiler] open the video[/spoiler] right now - should I?

It is a .png file, so it's actually a photo. And I opened, and having finished the story line, I still can't fit it in, really. Perhaps it has something to do with season 2, or perhaps I just forgot about it, making it insignificant as well.

Hey damaltor,

Interesting find. However, good luck trying to watch the "video"...

[spoiler]Note the file type:.png  ;)[/spoiler]

oh dammit... i gotta send that image to somebody via whatsapp and see them tap on their screen :)

Good hunting, but we didn't intend for anyone to see that. For anyone who's curious, it's a screenshot from a very early teaser video featuring Dr. Turing, seeing the environmental data from Epsilon Eridani e for the first time. It was a low quality placeholder that we used in the early development, but it wasn't good enough to make the cut for the final game.


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