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--- Quote from: kage23 on May 21, 2014, 12:38:17 PM ---I really liked the idea of exploring an alien planet, but even more, when Rob told me about the game at a GDC after-party, I was really drawn to the ARG-like aspects he mentioned. The whole bit about XRI rejecting you and then Kryptex getting you in sold me on it. I actually kinda wish there was more "mystery" aspects, and more player-solved puzzles.

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I agree, it would be awesome if there were more files to crack, but instead of finding the code on some thing on the planet, you have to look for clues in some of those XRI subsites. But of course that would also make the game harder, because as it stands, you can solve every puzzle buy just sticking enough time in it.

I'm in the "explore" camp too. The hacker/XRI story was fun but that's not what made it compelling. I wanted to see how deep the world-design went.

Brendan,  I don't remember specifically what attracted me - it was probably the basic idea of a rover on a distant planet similar to Curiosity or Spirit.  I liked the idea of time delay, and dealing with the environment as an explorer at NASA might have to do.   I got an invite from a guy in a forum on gog.com, and the pitch you had on the website was pretty compelling.  One thing he mentioned was that his rover [spoiler]got stuck in the sand [/spoiler]and I do remember that element of realism being attractive to me.

As a player, the discovery aspect was the most fun.  Kindof like when you're playing Civ, it's the most fun when the world is all in the shadows, and you're expanding outward to reveal what's out there.  From a design perspective, more curious things to find in future iterations would be interesting.  Alot of the game happens in the players mind between moves, so little things to keep us thinking are interesting. 

It was a tweet from someone who also tweets about the Mars rovers that caught my attention It sounded like fun, exploring just like the rovers.

* The ARPG aspect was fun, but felt limited. I didn't really have a choice in the way I did anything. More options would help.
* The biology aspect was neat, getting reports and blogs as we discover things, but it would be nice to have something similar for exogeology. Maybe looking for signs of certain elements or compounds?
* Once I got to playing, the biggest draw was actually the scenery. I found myself being very careful about aiming my shots to get a sunset or moon-rise. Being asked to find randomly generated "unusual" items would be fun.

I saw the game at PAX East. They pitched it as exploring an alien planet in a scientific sort of way, and that's absolutely something I'd like, so I tried the demo. I love exploration, science, alien life sci-fi type things, and taking photographs, so this game is great for me. I was initially turned off by the whole "conspiracy" thing (just let me do my science!), but I ended up liking it in the end. I also like the slowly unfolding story of intelligent life, which I didn't know about beforehand.


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