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Ainia (who I see has also posted in this thread) recommended Extrasolar over on the Cyan forums as something that fans of Myst Online: Uru Live would like.  Well I'm a Myst fan, and I'm also a huge space nerd who works on satellites for a living, so it seemed like a good fit.

I actually hadn't heard of this game until last week when I was browsing news feeds and came across this game, it said that Season 2 was going for Kickstarter. I'm an astronomy fanatic, anything to do with other planets, stars, galaxies. I've played a variety of space games, but this one looked quite promising to me. I love the fact that its in real time. That I can set my rover to explore an area for an hour, or even a day, come back to it to find a new picture of a stunning landscape, flora or even animals, or a new assignment.

I bought the Pioneer upgrade yesterday and I feel this game is totally worth putting money down on. And I will be contributing to the Kickstarter project as well.

It went like this: "I can drive a Mars rover? It's really pretty? and there's plot so it's not boring? Sold."  "We have a demo..." "No need." 

What I got really caught up in when playing was feeling like I was helping unravel a scientific mystery -- the emails from the biologist speculating about how life works on the planet. I'd initially thought we'd figure out the geology, weather, etc. too. When I realized [how that actually resolves] I was disappointed. But the overall experience was satisfying anyway. Definitely worth the time. (Speaking of time, I don't normally enjoy games that only let you play a bit at a time, but I think the time delays are part of what makes this particular game fun.)


--- Quote from: jim on May 20, 2014, 03:23:05 PM ---Being a total nerd I found about the game via Rob Jagnow's GDC talk:


Basically as soon as I read the title "Game Design at 0.0003 FPS" I was hooked :)

--- End quote ---

It was recently published on the GDC youtube channel, that's how I discovered the game: https://youtu.be/BCKYSNqBWZM
Paid for it after a day. Great experience so far.


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