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Hi all,

We are working to put together some new promo campaigns for the game, and I thought I'd take a poll to maybe get some ideas for good angles to pursue.  So if you have a moment to comment on the following, please do!

1. What was it that most caused you to want to give Extrasolar a try when you first heard about it?

2. Having played the game, is there something that you would have found even more compelling than your answer to #1 had you known about it beforehand?

1. I came across a picture of a Bristleneck in the forums of Star Citizen, and I wanted to know more. And so I did.

2. Probably the story line. I honestly did not expect there to be one, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Edit: Ainas answer made me rethink mine a bit. It is probably so that the story added immensely to the experience, together with the little blurbs in the species description, but it added to an already impressive base. And it would be hard to advertise it anyways, because the intro, with our friend the hacker, makes it all the better and how do you advertise that without spoiling it?

Being a total nerd I found about the game via Rob Jagnow's GDC talk:


Basically as soon as I read the title "Game Design at 0.0003 FPS" I was hooked :)

Hey Brendan! :)

In a word... "exploring"

I love the idea of exploring a place, especially a place that is other-worldly. Being able to do so in a research/scientific vein is even more interesting since that's why I love exploring in the first place. :D

Even if there wasn't drama/storyline here, I'd still be on board. The storyline makes it even more complex and engaging (plus draws in folks who aren't so much like me with the "exploring"...).

I really liked the idea of exploring an alien planet, but even more, when Rob told me about the game at a GDC after-party, I was really drawn to the ARG-like aspects he mentioned. The whole bit about XRI rejecting you and then Kryptex getting you in sold me on it. I actually kinda wish there was more "mystery" aspects, and more player-solved puzzles.


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