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Two-finger rotate problem


I have installed "Cogs" on my Google Nexus 7. All worked well until today when the two-finger rotate function went bananas. Using the technique, the movements are very jerky and will usually flip the object to the top or bottom view. I haven't tried to uninstall and reinstall the app since I don't know if I would have to pay for another download. Help please.

This is peculiar. I don't think we've done an update recently. Are your other multi-touch apps working correctly?

It's fine to uninstall and reinstall the app. Google Play will never make you pay twice for the same app, even if you install it on many different devices.


The only other app I use with two-finger rotate is Google Earth and it worked fine.

 Cogs seems to be okay now so it must have been some aberration within android itself. BTW, Cogs is a great app but it makes me feel stupid sometimes!

Thanks for the quick response.



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