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ok, I give up

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82 days, ~5800 meters traveled, 139 photos, 191 tags.....  AND I CAN'T FIND [spoiler]TURING'S ROVER[/spoiler]!!!

I've been over every inch of this dang island!  The task was assigned to me months ago!  I've been on both sides of the [spoiler]fingers & the arc[/spoiler], & taken photos all around that area!  I've been down both of the nearby peninsulas!  I'm at my wit's end, & ready to completely give up.  Is [spoiler]his rover really moving around that quickly[/spoiler] ?????

just look on map for the name of the arc, its there on map. the arc is pre marked since its a special spot.
and btw hes stationary
[spoiler]its on left side of the island[/spoiler]

Hmm, my experience has been that Turing's rover does indeed move about (randomly?) at the arch locale. Sometimes, it seems to move incrementally, sometimes more dramatically. I've tried following it around a few times and still haven't figured out what Turing is up to. :)

I'm not sure why you're having so much trouble finding the rover t-readyroc. If you
[spoiler]watch the arch area on the ocean side, [/spoiler]
you *should* spot it eventually.

Be assured that it is there.  If you are playing without panoramic view it will be harder to find, but if that is the case. by now you should have developed some search techniques to compensate.

You have a photo from the target of your search showing its point of view of a unique landmark.  Using that for reference, there is a small general area that it can be in.  Station yourself to one side and shoot towards that location.  You should see it, perhaps at a distance, after only one or two tries.  You may need to get a bit closer to make a successful tag, so aim to get just close enough, not right on top of it, as it *will* move a bit in the intervening hour, or four hours if you're still on the initial limits. 

Just to let you all know, I did finally find it.  Ainia, yes, I did know generally where it was located, but I guess I just had my camera pointed in the wrong spot every previous time   ::)

[spoiler]Here's my photo/search pattern[/spoiler].  & yes, I did go all the way to the end of each of the peninsulas.  Bleh.


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