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Additional asset requests and downloads


Check here for models, textures, etc not included in the full game that modders might find useful.  If it's not too much trouble we can make extra assets, such as stuff that can be made by modifying existing content, and if not us then there may be other forum members who can (we give you full rights to modify the content provided with the game as long as you're using it for mods and not selling it) so feel free to post requests in this thread.  I'll update with links accordingly.

3x3 board

Modular board

Pieces you can use to build your own puzzle boundaries from scratch (like so).

Remember that these are not included in the full game so you should include them in your expansion packs with instructions on where to put them.  Happy modding!

thanks for the quick reaction to my idea, these pieces look very nice, I'll put them to good use.

To help out our Modders, I put together a sample expansion pack with 4 template puzzles that you can use to help get you started.

One puzzles is a simple 15-tile slider with an image that's easy to customize with your own picture.  The other three puzzles use Brendan's modular border tiles to create custom 2D layouts.  Installation instructions are included in the README.txt file in the .zip file (In short, just unzip the files into your Cogs folder and you're ready to play).

Happy modding!

  - Rob
    Founder, Lazy 8 Studios

When making levels, I've noticed that I sometimes want a pipe that both connects to another layer and is a corner.  If it isn't too hard, I would like one of those.  It would basically be two L pipes layered together so that it only has 3 openings.


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