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I know the latest update made it easier to find, but I'm having the damndest time spotting it.  I've been all over the area of the map it's panoramic photo would indicate, but not a sight of it.  Any suggestions?

Look behind you. I had been in the area, looked around for it, and then I realized I had not looked in the area directly behind me since I got the message. Even if you cleared the area earlier, you would not see it.

I'll try that, thanks; I've tried triangulating with the Arc and the Fingers (that photo shows it should be due west of the Arc) but may have just missed it at some point.


I seem to be chasing it today (or tonight in Artocos Island terms), so Turing seems to be running it about rather than leaving it in any one location. It will take a while to figure out if this is random or if he's using a pattern for the rover movements, but I can let you know here if I figure out anything. (Of course, it could also be that I aimed for the wrong landmark in heading toward his rover... in which case I should know more shortly.)

Note: I'm probably *not* in the same place of the storyline as you, so don't know if this would make a difference in my data and conclusions (I have been focusing on mapping out the island rather than running errands for all the XRI folks ;) ).

Update: it looks like it was a navigation issue on my part (I did indeed aim for the wrong landmark... stupid hillocks blocking my full view... grumble grumble)

The little ridge messed me up too. It was just on the other side, but I ended up going past it and then my other photos didn't quite cover all the area, until the fourth shot.


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