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First level mods (10 out so far!) & LEVEL EDITOR

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Merci, ces dix nouveaux niveaux sont impressionnant ;)

--- Quote from: Google Trad ---Thank you, ten new levels are impressive;)
--- End quote ---

I'm going to add a bit of a tutorial for making a level here:

1) start up the program
2) place the pieces by left clicking- just place the pieces that you want to be on the board
3) press Q.  this will set up most things automatically.
4) press 2 and then place the pieces you want by clicking on the squares
    4a) pressing T will bring up a menu to choose the pieces from
    4b) to rotate pieces, press and hold the mouse and move the mouse around
5) you may want to press 1 and change some white pieces to black so that they become metal squares
6) press S and input the file name.  Don't forget the .puzzle!
7) add it to your mod file and then start up cogs
8 ) go to the puzzle.  If all is well, open the puzzle in a text editor.  Otherwise, fix the problem in the editor and save over to old file.
9) In your text editor, add in the FINISHCONDITIONS needed LINK TO WIKI DEFINITION OF FINISHCONDITIONS.  Important pieces are usually marked, the tile ID is the number at the start of each tile definition in the comment
10) Check if it works and if so, scramble, showscramble, mark, copy, paste, remove extra lines, format correctly, and then test again.  If it all works, save and you're done!

also, F4 makes it fullscreen. F5 saves and F6 loads, but I do not suggest using them- they are built in game maker functions that could have some strange side effects if used.


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