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First level mods (10 out so far!) & LEVEL EDITOR

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Here are my first levels for cogs.  To install, just place the file and folder in the data folder in cog's directory.
The puzzles are as follows (from easiest to hardest, personal opinion): OO, colors, yap, Coolness, Window, Pipe Mania, Double Blank, onion, alarming news, leeks.

Any feedback is appreciated.  Have fun, and don't get too frustrated.  If you get a solution to leeks that is different from the standard (just put a # before the SCRAMBLE keyword at the bottom to see the standard solution), please let me know :D

I hereby claim puzzle ids 470-479.
link to editor
pressing Q will set up borders automatically
pressing A will shift all current pieces by the specified amount.  This is mainly useful for adjusting everything by .5 to center things
pressing T will allow you to change the currently selected piece type
pressing S will save
pressing the numbers 1,2,3,etc will switch layers.
layer 1 is always the board, layer 0 is always for pegs.
left click does most things,
right click usually deletes, but opens a menu on engines and pipes.
pipes need an extra layer of separation.

Wow.  Difficult, indeed.  I don't think I ever got it below 10 leaks.  I'll give it another try later tonight.  Great work as our first mod!

  - Rob
    Founder, Lazy 8 Studios

Yep it is difficult. I am yet to complete the main game as yet...

Just mentioning that an easier level is out :D
Constructive criticism would be appreciated on the colors level.

Nice job on the colors!  Just played through it and came up with silver/gold, but not til my second try. :)  Rob was impressed by the roving purple gear idea, great way to lock down a certain stretch of pipeline.


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