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Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by Cookiedough on November 17, 2014, 10:13:49 PM »
Found my first razorback a few days ago and I swear this thing is stalking me... Have I also mentioned the size? I agree with Jane. I wouldn't want to run into that creature on a dark night...

I'm near the end of the game now, heading out to find Turing's rover.
Extrasolar / Re: Season 2 Kickstarter is NOW LIVE.
« Last post by Cookiedough on November 16, 2014, 05:29:09 PM »
I am seriously afraid to ask that question, but... Since KS campaing has failed, does that mean that season 2 is scrapped, or that it is simply delayed?

Delayed most likely. I don't see this scrapping season 2. The comments on the kickstarter page for instance:

Creator Lazy 8 Studios on October 3
JP, it depends on how close we get to the goal. If we can't raise the money with a Kickstarter, we may consider private investment or other options.

So its possible that season 2 will come, they will just have a more tedious time getting it up and running without the kickstarter, which means it wont come out for a while longer. Even if they do decide to scrap it, that's fine. I put $25 down on season 1 and I think it was well worth the investment and it has been a pleasure playing this game and I look forward to more from this developer.
Extrasolar / Finished all my tasks - what now? Nothing happening!
« Last post by YS on November 14, 2014, 11:04:26 AM »
Last night i finished my final task which was to tag a last Bioluminescent species.  What happens now?  Is that the game finished?  I haven't had any new messages since.   ???
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by Christian on November 13, 2014, 03:08:04 PM »
Thanks to the hints here, I found the Razorback and Bulbmoss, so I think I have them all now :-)

I'm still at 40 tasks, but I got more awards. I'm now at 12.

  • Score 95% or higher on your entrance exam
  • Invited a colleague to participate
  • Take your first panorama photo
  • Travel as far as light does in one microsecond (300m)
  • Take your first infrared photo
  • Tagged 3 different species in the same image
  • Travel as far as the Mars Spirit rover (7.73 km)
  • Scheduled a photo to be taken on Mae Jemisonís birthday (Oct. 17)
  • Travel as far as the Voyager 1 space probe does every second (17.043 km)
  • One of your photos was selected as a highlight by the science team
  • Scheduled a photo to be taken on Carl Saganís birthday (Nov. 9)
  • Tagged 5 distinct motile creatures

Are there any more birthdays? Do I have to play for 365 days to get them all?

How many am I missing?
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by damaltor on November 10, 2014, 06:58:56 AM »
I do have the following badge: Tagged 5 distinct motile creatures
you seem to be missing this one.

still, i am searching for the last task to do.
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by Christian on November 09, 2014, 01:10:17 PM »
@Ainia and @KathAveara Thanks for the hints. I'll try to locate them.
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by Ainia on November 09, 2014, 09:22:48 AM »
@Christian: [spoiler]Look around Mt. Jemison at night for both bionts.[/spoiler]
Conversely, if you want some up-close-and-personal photos, they each have napping spots where they can be found throughout the day. Although they seem to be restless sleepers, the rover's presence doesn't seem to disturb them.

Once you catch a few images of them at night (which typically will show them at a distance), you'll get a better feel for each of their territories, which in turn will help you narrow down their day locations. :)

Depending on how many night shots you've taken thus far, it's quite likely that you have already gotten some photos of them at a distance (but perhaps have not identified them as such). The XRI identification algorithm often will not be able to identify them at a distance, but if you look carefully, you can tell what they are. ;) If you haven't already, you can check some of the images on the Spot the Critter thread for examples of what they look like at night from afar.

I don't want to spoil this part of the investigation for you (it can be a lot of fun trying to track them down), but if you need more help, let me know. :D
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by KathAveara on November 09, 2014, 04:01:50 AM »
@Christian: [spoiler]Look around Mt. Jemison at night for both bionts.[/spoiler]
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by KathAveara on November 09, 2014, 03:59:18 AM »
[spoiler]Oops, I thought you were talking about the eyes. My bad.

Yes, it looks natural to me. Just because something doesn't happen here on Earth is the worst reason in the universe for something not happening on another planet. I mean, seriously. I recall a story that the best candidate for life on Mars (at the time) was rejected on that ground that it resembled nothing like life on Earth (it was later proven to be an artifact of the methods used for examining the object). The moral of the story is that you must throw out all preconceptions about what is possible and what is not before you dive into exobiology.

That aside, the structure looks remarkably like the stirrup bone in the human inner ear, just without the base. The stirrup bone also has a hole in the middle, half of the bone is roughly square (more square than the eyestalk!) and is much tinier. There are other square-ish bones in your body, too. Some of them are even relatively cuboid in shape. They're called molar teeth. I can think of bones with holes in them - the major one is called a skull, and is full-on hollow![/spoiler]
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by darth_biomech on November 09, 2014, 03:29:49 AM »
[spoiler]I'm not talking about complexity, I'm talking about overall shape. It is very contrast with overall body lines and color, have no other similar structures anywhere on it's body, almost like it was jammed in creature's head. Other motobionts have no similar structures either. The difference between this and brains is that brains are squishy, gray, and definitely organic. Even if these things would be analogs of horns of some sort, horns are too organic in their shape and color. This one is square, straight, have hole in it's base and looks metallic in texture.

does that looks like a natural object to you? Nature doesn't produce square bones.
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