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Extrasolar / Re: Lively rock bug?
« Last post by Ainia on October 10, 2014, 12:20:51 PM »
Hi Cookiedough,

My first guess is that you found a critter who wandered off before you got closer. :)

[spoiler=Details ahead!]Specifically, it looks like a Rockmole. I've noticed that although their appearance implies they move slowly, they more often than not are completely out of sight in subsequent pictures of the same area. Either they move relatively fast, or bury themselves seamlessly. ;)[/spoiler]
Extrasolar / Lively rock bug?
« Last post by Cookiedough on October 10, 2014, 10:45:35 AM »

What is this? I took this picture in IR and then noticed the bright spot. Pulled my rover around the area and took three more images in IR and nothing appears. The rock in question appears to be in at least one of the images and does not light up when IR is activated.

Tagging the area with or without IR and daytime/nighttime yields nothing either. So its not an animal of any kind, at least I don't think so.
Extrasolar / Re: Funny image (plants in the sky)
« Last post by Rob on October 10, 2014, 08:33:04 AM »
whoops! That happens on rare occasion and I'm still not sure why. Should be fixed now.
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by Motobiont on October 10, 2014, 05:39:47 AM »
Still 40 Tasks.... :o

But I have found all Photobionts/Motobionts (incl those from final):
Photobiont: 35
Motobiont: 7

Artifacts: 5
Manmade: 7
Traveled: 14800+ meters
Extrasolar / Funny image (plants in the sky)
« Last post by Christian on October 10, 2014, 01:21:30 AM »
Got this image last night:

I like it but sadly I can't tag the Serpentweed hanging from the sky :-(


PS I'm guessing this is a mistake but there is no need to fix my image, I like it.
I certainly would.

In fact, I can write an algorithm to map stars in our night sky to those in Epsilon Eridani's night sky. I'll need to know what the co-ordinates are measured in, though.

Edit: Assuming your data uses right ascension and declination (and to be honest, there's no reason why not. But if not, you can find said data on the internet), use the following:
Right ascension and declination are angles, conventionally measured in hours, minutes, and seconds. 1 hour = 15, 1 minute = 1/4, 1 second = 1/240. Distances are measured in light years or parsecs. The more accurate the data, the better.

α = right ascension (measured from Sol)
δ = declination (measured from Sol)
r = distance between Sol and star
αε = right ascension (measured from Epsilon Eridani)
δε = declination (measured from Epsilon Eridani)
α₀ = right ascension (of Epsilon Eridani)
δ₀ = declination (of Epsilon Eridani)
r₀ = distance between Sol and Epsilon Eridani

X = r*cos(α-α₀)*cos(δ-δ₀)
Y = r*sin(α-α₀)*cos(δ-δ₀)
Z = r*sin(δ-δ₀)

R = √(r₀ - 2*r₀*X + r)

δε = arcsin(-Z/R)
αε = arcsin(-Y/(R*cos(δε)))

Note that for Sol, δε = 0, αε = 0.

The logic behind this is as follows: first, realign the axes so that Epsilon Eridani is at 0/0. Then, convert the polar co-ordinates (right ascension, declination, distance) into cartesian co-ordinates (x, y, z). Shift the origin to Epsilon Eridani, and convert the cartesian co-ordinates back into polar co-ordinates for plotting on a celestial sphere.

Apparent magnitude can presumably be calculated from absolute magnitude and R (which happens to be the distance between the star and Epsilon Eridani. For Sol, this obviously equals r₀).
Extrasolar / Re: My after-playing-the-game notes thread. DO NOT READ before finishing
« Last post by Ainia on October 08, 2014, 11:13:58 AM »
Could we please have somewhat more realistic night skies? I'd be happy to help with it as much as possible (given that I can't do digital art, and by extension, a star map).

It's actually not a star map - we couldn't get a high enough resolution map that we were happy with.  The stars are all individual points and their sky positions and apparent magnitudes are generated straight out of a NASA database (we figured 10 ly from Earth wouldn't be noticeably different, but as shown in other threads I guess we were wrong :P).  Hmm, maybe I could just get the coordinate file from Brian and post it and y'all could figure out the necessary edits...

I'm sure Kath would be happy to help out here. :)
Extrasolar / Re: My after-playing-the-game notes thread. DO NOT READ before finishing
« Last post by damaltor on October 08, 2014, 05:57:00 AM »
Thanks for your interesting answer!!
Extrasolar / Re: Did not get one Mission - but why?
« Last post by damaltor on October 08, 2014, 05:55:05 AM »
Yeah i know.. i have a direct photo of a RB and it did not get classified. it is in the thread you mentioned ;)
Extrasolar / Re: Biont Hunters' Club - Island #1
« Last post by damaltor on October 08, 2014, 05:54:01 AM »
I only have 39... looks like i have to search around a bit more.
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