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Extrasolar / Re: Rover Tracks
« on: November 03, 2013, 01:07:06 PM »
Rover tracks are definitely something we want to do, but it's a tricky one, in part because it also means writing a routefinding system so that it doesn't look like your rover is driving through rock walls and large photobionts.  We're constantly adding improvements to the renderer, so hopefully this will eventually happen.

Extrasolar / Re: A couple of suggestions and thoughts thus far
« on: November 03, 2013, 01:05:51 PM »
I always have the issue of completing a task and then beginning to move to a new location so I'm not wasting time that could be spent on the 4 hour transmission time, only to receive a new objective

We're working on adding an "unschedule" feature.  Once that's in place, we'll be able to let you schedule more than 2 photos at a time.

a more responsive task list would be nice too.

It's on the list.  Not quite sure how we'll handle this from the technical side, but we have some ideas.

As for mobile browsers, we're improving support constantly, so hopefully that experience will continue to get better.

Extrasolar / Re: Possible change to the time system?
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:26:41 PM »
We manage to use our QUIC-BIT (Quantum-Untangled Interstellar-Capable Binary Interchange Technology) to transmit data 10 light years in less than an hour using a loophole in quantum physics that manages to send probabalistic data via quantum-entangled particles without collapsing the quantum state, and it's still not fast enough?!  Sheesh.

Extrasolar / Re: Possible change to the time system?
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:10:25 PM »
You can of course upgrade your account to get the minimum delay down to 1 hour for all your photos.  But that's as low as we can reasonably go with our hardware constraints.

Extrasolar / Re: Discoveries tagged in photos
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:00:41 PM »

Extrasolar / Re: Discoveries tagged in photos
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:16:23 AM »
Thanks for the feedback.  We purposely designed it so that clicks within the discoveries page are not remembered in the browser history.  It seemed like for most uses, if players clicked the back button from within the discoveries page, they probably didn't want to cycle backwards through every item that they'd clicked.  The side-effect is that if you then go somewhere other than the discoveries page and click back, it will not show you the discovery that you were most recently viewing.  You can, however, link directly to the discoveries page from the tags in the left column of your photo page, which may be what you really want to do.

I'll see if we can somehow remember what discovery you were most recently viewing without having to insert it into the browser history.

Extrasolar / Re: mobile & touch
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:11:50 AM »
This should be fixed now.  We now strip whitespace before we attempt a login.

Yes, that's right.  Same distance and same number of photos -- it'll just take longer.  We're working on making it possible for you to queue up more than 2 photos at once with paid accounts, but as Brendan mentioned, we need to support an undo function first -- something that's quite a bit more complicated than it sounds.

Extrasolar / Re: taking pictures tutorials
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:08:27 AM »
Hmmm.... that seems like a really good idea to have some place where our rover drivers can review those instructions -- especially if they haven't been in the system for a while.  Unfortunately, we don't have anything like that yet.

To change the direction of your camera for a photo, just click and drag the v-shaped wedge that appears below the dialog box when you're scheduling a photo.  That indicates the field of view for your camera.

Extrasolar / Re: Welcome new testers! (Oct. 31, 2013)
« on: November 01, 2013, 05:36:54 PM »
Thanks!  Adding a fix to our list.

Extrasolar / Re: Exoleaks
« on: October 30, 2013, 09:05:39 PM »
Glad you're enjoying it!  The contact link is broken on purpose.  We want the website to look deliberately low-quality and looked at a bunch of conspiracy theory websites for inspiration.

Extrasolar / Re: Observations
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:14:53 PM »
Maybe it's not necessary, but instead of a cone having a circle around the datapoint showing this was a pan shot?

Not a bad idea.  We'll toss that idea around.  The easiest way to see if it's a panorama is to click the point and see if the thumbnail that pops up is letterboxed.  But I suppose it could be useful to also have a change in the map marker.

Extrasolar / Re: mobile & touch
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:09:22 PM »
Thanks for the bug report, inkblob!  We'll add code to automatically strip whitespace.

Extrasolar / Re: Observations
« on: October 28, 2013, 03:36:05 PM »
Why I ask about this is I am finding that I go back and forth between the photo and gallery because I am trying to figure out where it was a picture was taken.

There's a link at the very top of each photo that says "See on map."  You can also click on each location on the map to get a pop-up that shows the picture taken there.  Do these help?  I'm not sure I understand the issue.

Sounds like you want to have your renderer output a Z-depth map along with the real image, and then send the depth map to the client *as Javascript data*, along with the image.

The problem there is that the image is nicely compressed, whereas the Z-data is not.  If we send 16-bit fixed-point data (Realistically, 24-bit is what we really need) at 800x600 resolution, that's an extra 1MB per image.  I suppose that's not crazy.  It's just really convenient to piggyback on image compression algorithms.  Maybe if I did 24 bits at 400x300 (0.34 MB) it wouldn't be too crazy.

Extrasolar / Re: Delayed responses + tag lag
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:49:53 AM »
I suppose I should also mention that in earlier versions of Extrasolar, we had responses come from Kryptex and Turing immediately when you tagged your photos.  This prevented the problem of having you move a long way in the wrong direction, but it felt terrible and really broke the fiction.  So instead, I try to send all those mission-critical messages within about 5 minutes of tagging your photo.

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